Figure Eight Pools in Sydney : Top Beach Spot in Australia

Figure Eight Pools in Sydney is one of Australia’s top spots for beach goers

Figure Eight Pools just outside of Sydney has become one of Australia’s top spots for visitors and locals like, to take a dip and take a photo in and around scenic pools in Sydney’s Royal National Park.

The Figure Eight pools are actually considered fairly dangerous as well, so you should be careful when visiting.

Tourists at Polls in Summer, aussiepilatesgirl.

Located near Burning Palms Beach, Figure Eight Pools is essentially in the middle of a coastal rock dotted with natural rockpools – including one in the shape of a figure eight.

You can only visit the rock pools at low wide and during fairly flat surf condition on the coast.

Hike to the pools in the Sydney Royal National Park @annalise_t_ on Instagram

How to get to Figure Eight Pools near Sydney?

The Figure Eight Pools are a somewhat difficult walk to get to. Instagram : anthonyriosanto

Start at the Garrawarra Farm car park. You’ll need a good level of fitness and agility as the walk can be tedious and slippery in some areas, with lots or rocks and water that could be a problem if you are not careful. Once you get to the rock polls, you need to be aware that surf can move across the rocks and cause you to lose your feet and hit your head.

Example of a big wave coming into threaten people close to the Figure 8 Pools near Sydney

A freak wave at the Figure 8 Pools can cause problems for visitors.

There are also guided tours of the Figure Eight Rock Pools, so look to be involved if you’re looking to make a great day of it.

It’s worth the trip, as long as you’re careful, Figure 8 Pools visits are memorable and wonderful experience, the photos are something quite unique and the swimming experience is delightful.

Instagram at #Figure8Pools is popular, gabyinwonderland_

In the last few years the hashtag #FigureEightPools has really taken off, adding the the frequency and volume of visits to the rock pools.

The Sydney Royal National Park is open 7am to 8.30pm, daily.

hot days at the rock pools – mattisgabert

The New South Wales Authorities issued the below advice for people visiting the pools recently:

Chilling in the Figure 8 Pool

The NSW Parks and Wildlife Service issued this advice for sightseers.

■Access to Figure Eight Pools is only possible at low tide. The rockpools and the last kilometre leading to them are under water at high tide.
■Even at low tide, waves can crash across the pools. Check the tide height and wave size before making your way to the rockpools.
■Never turn your back on the ocean
■The rock platform surface is covered in slippery lichens and seaweed, so remember to wear sturdy shoes.
■There are a few other deep rockpools in this location which you can swim or dip your feet in at low tide
■Be prepared for a difficult walk. The walk back to Garrawarra Farm is up a steep track that climbs up the coastal escarpment.
■No lifeguard service
■No toilets or places to eat on the way. Bring plenty of water and food for the day.

Done Video of the site in the Royal National Park, Sydney.

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