Bondi Dogs : Someone is Leaving Poison Treats at Bondi

Bondi Dogs poison allegations

A Facebook user is claiming that someone is leaving poison laced dog treats around Bondi.

There was reports that one family dog may have already died due to poisoning in the Bondi Beach area.

Vix Ember wrote on Facebook that she was concerned someone was deliberately leaving poison treats for Bondi dogs around the suburb, in parks and reserves.

It was claimed a couple found ‘small white packages’ on verges that may have been intended for Bondi dogs or other pets.


“Someone has been planting dog treats laced with poison in Bondi – A local couple found a load of small white packages on grassy verges and at bottom of trees all way up and down Lamrock Ave on Sunday.

They reported it to police, council and local vets, plus put a post up on Bondi loop, anyways another girl has today confirmed on bondi loop that council reps went around houses in that area today confirming the packages did contain poison and a dog has already died – PLEASE spread the word that there’s a vile disgusting person trying to deliberately kill dogs in Bondi”

“We can confirm Waverly Council did receive a call on Sunday from a resident concerned there was an attempt to poison dogs in the area.” The Waverly Council said.

“Rangers attended the area and were unable to find any substance. Council’s Public Place Cleansing team also attended the area, and did a sweep but didn’t find anything.”

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