Cold Sydney – City Set to Shiver Through First Winter Weather Front

Cold Sydney is freezing

Cold Sydney is going to be cold!

The forecast for a cold Sydney this week, is expected to continue, as winter arrives officially.

Sydney is set to see its coldest days since 2016, with the temperature plummeting to below 5 degrees as May ends. The evenings, of course, are set to be even colder with some areas in the western suburbs set to hit 1-2C

“Right on cue as the season shifts from autumn to winter, southeastern states of Austrlaia including Sydney will collectively shiver early next week,” Tom Saunders, a meteorologist, said.

The weather also brings the first snow to Australia for the season with Victoria, NSW and Tasmania all experiencing snow falls.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service warned people to check their smoke alarms and beware of their heaters as a precaution, as the first cold snap hits Sydney and rural parts of the state.

The BOM News South Wales said the cold Sydney weather was even more extreme than expected.

“Sunny in Sydney city today, expecting a top of 18C – a few degrees cooler than yesterday’s 24C. Forecasts at,” They Tweeted.

Cold Sydney weather, the Australian weather charts:

The latest cold Sydney forecast

The cloud band and thunderstorms over the Tasman Sea is due to a cold front.

Another cold front is skirting the south-southwest coast of Western Australia
with high cloud streaming ahead of this front.

A ridge of high pressure is directing a moist southwesterly flow across the
Great Australian Bight resulting in low cloud over the south coast of Australia
from the Nullarbor to Gippsland and western Tasmania.

Patchy middle-level cloud over the interior of Western Australia is due to a,
since weakened, surface trough. An upper-level trough is responsible for the
middle-level cloud streaming across the Northern Territory and central-north

The rest of the continent is mostly clear due a ridge of high pressure.

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