Hunter Valley Meteor – Thousands Report Shockwave, Fireball in NSW

Hunter Valley Meteor – A Huge shockwave, Earth tremor and fireball has been reported

There are reports that a huge meteor smashing through the Earth’s atmosphere over NSW Hunter Valley region tonight.

Dozens of people called Geoscience Australia to report they felt an earth tremor around 9pm local time on Monday 26th of June 2017.

“Reports of a meteor over the Hunter Valley, NSW at 21:00,” Geoscience Australia said.

“Explains reported tremors and thunder as no seismic activity has been detected by Geoscience Australia,” they said on Twitter.

Another Twitter account, incident alerts, said they had had a “few reports of a rumbling and windows rattling from south of Newcastle to the Central Coast” as well they said.

“Any other people feel or hear anything????
We are unsure of any RAAF operations of the coast and no reports from geoscience Aust.
We have reports of a very large meteor off the coast did anyone happen to get a pic of it?”

Update: People saw the meteorite right across New South Wales.

“I was getting fire wood at the time and looked up at what i thought was fireworks but realise it was coming from the wrong direction. Couldn’t believe it broke into half a dozen pieces,” Ray Deaves said.

“I saw it over Kincumber, it’s was incredible. I hope someone has photos or a video,” Nina Rees wrote

“Me and a mate were driving back from Erina and we’re at the back of tuggerah and we saw it. Debated a little while as to what it was as we saw in disintegrate as it came down. Was totally amazing, had never seen anything like it!,” Adam Jones wrote on Facebook.

Pets in Sydney may have heard the meteorite, with one reader telling us her dog began barking and “would’t stop” right about the time the fireball was seen.

David Margo photography:

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28 thoughts on “Hunter Valley Meteor – Thousands Report Shockwave, Fireball in NSW”

  1. I seen something very similar to this whilst driving to work on Saturday night around 5-45pm in the Southern Highlands of NSW …

    1. Ellalong felt a massive tremor with the sound of a explosion or continual thunder . it was at 8.45pm.

    2. We saw one on the way back from Mudgee around the Maitland NSW area around 10:30pm Saturday night. It was large and broke up as it got extremely close to land.

  2. I love in Arcadia Vale.
    I heard a loud rumble about 9pm. My neighbor rang to see if i heard it. They thought it might have been an earthquake or explosions in underground mines nearby, but we felt no movement.

  3. I saw it very clearly from our house here in Parkes. We live very high above the town and the meteor with it’s brilliant green ‘head’ lit up to the east of the town – was visible fir about 5 to 7 seconds!….I immediately looked up something similar to what I’d seen and posted the ‘wow’ moment on Facebook!

  4. I was walking along Honeysuckle, Newcastle just before 9pm and saw it travelling from the south over the harbour

  5. heard it, felt it, didn’t see it but it was also felt by other friends when i posted what i experienced . the area we felt stretched from near mulbring to west at bulga , we speculated mining or earthquakes or perhaps singleton army base . but really were perplexed as to the source, 2 recent earthquakes reported in muswelbrook the previous day also. (nb the region is also the highly significant site for Biame google it )

  6. I was lucky enough to be taking photos on long jetty in the pitch black last night. Turned my camera along the shoreline and then saw large green-blue flash breaking up to the north. It was awesome. Missed the shot though.

    1. Apart from ya dig at grammar Clewsy are u for real? Because seriously trying to ascertain if it went east or west as it fell?

      1. I was recording a bike ride on Strava when I saw it. I know where I was at the time I saw it, so the data puts it at 8:41 or 8:42pm. I would estimate it was heading NNW.

        Saw the last 2-3 seconds of it. It did look like it split up before disappearing. No sound or tremor.

  7. I live at Fishing Point and heard the rumble then my bedroom window shook for a couple of seconds, I thought at the time it was an earth quake so was surprised to hear this morning that it was a meteor .

  8. Saw it last night heading toward ocean at Newport northern beaches. It was amazing thought it was a firework at first.

  9. Saw it at 8.42p.m whilst driving 110km/h northbound on Hume Highway, about 1 minute prior to reaching Narrellan Rd turn off. Amazing sight.

  10. I live in Devonport Tasmania and spotted a bright green meteor at around 8:37 last night. It was in the eastern sky and burned up quite low. I wonder if this one and the one in NSW were of a group.

  11. Yes at 8.42 est exactly. i witnessed a meteor type fireball in the sky in a north easterly direction from oconnell nsw. It fell in a northerly direction. It was large and a yellow orange with a bright orange tail of around 5mt in length from my burnt through twice. Ie the main body looked curved long tail extinguished then 15 seconds later it flared and developed another long tail. It was very bright and the direction of projected fall would have it falling over and around the hunter or north coast area

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