Americans in Australia and elsewhere around the world have been told to return home as the Coronavirus pandemic escalates.

The world appears to be going into a lockdown, as governments tell their people to return home and borders are shut.

However getting home may be a challenge for many as airlines cancel routes and many commercial airlines go out of business.

The US State Department is issuing a level 4 travel advice for citizens.

The advisory will be issued today, Washington DC based Politico reported.

“The State Department is set to announce a level 4 travel advisory applying to all international travel, its most serious warning, two individuals with knowledge of the pending announcement said. 

The advisory would instruct all Americans abroad to either return to the United States or prepare to shelter in place, given the global threat of the coronavirus outbreak. Americans also would be instructed not to travel abroad.”

The US decision follows an earlier decision by Australia and New Zealand to lock down the borders.

Australian PM Scott Morrison said today that all non Australian citizens and residents would not be able to enter Australia.

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