Sydney Jacaranda Blooms – Incredible Flowering Trees in Our City

There are incredible Sydney Jacaranda Blooms right now – Incredible Flowering Trees in our city. Here’s some of the best you can see in Sydney.

In fact, the blooms are so popular some Sydney suburbs are considering hosting festivals and activations to capitalise on the popularity of the Jacaranda trees for spring.

McDougall Street located at Sydney’s North Shore has become known as ‘Jacaranda Alley’ by some.

North Sydney Council is now considering closing off the road to have a Sydney Jacaranda festival in 2018.

Sydney Jacaranada – Neutral Bay

The University of NSW

A stunning #jacaranda shot! Thanks to @cusonfraser for the lovely view of the Quad courtyard.

Near Darling Harbour at night… very romantic Sydney Jacaranda bloom

Sydney Jacaranda –
Darling harbour Jacaranda trees… Even at night they look pretty – Instagram

The University of Western Sydney Jacaranda Trees

Sydney jacaranda – University of Western Sydney parramatta campus Instagram
Jacaranda Sydney – First Fleet Park (Instagram)
Sydney Jacarandas – Cruise Ship tourists treated to beautiful blooms

One of the first known Jacaranda trees in Sydney

University of Sydney – Quad Jacaranda tree
Iconic University of Sydney Jacaranda Tree blooming – source

Paddington Sydney Jacaranda tree blooms

5 Ways Paddington Jacaranda Trees – source

A Jacaranda tree over Abbotsford Bay, Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour Jacaranda Tree – source

At the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens

Jacaranda Alley

Jacaranda Alley Sydney – source

Wooloomooloo Jacaranda

Woolloomooloo Jacaranda Sydney

About Jacaranda Trees?

Jacarandas are common in many Australian cities, especially older established areas like inner-city Sydney and north shore suburbs. There are also a lot of beautiful blooms to discover in western Sydney.

Australia has the perfect climate for these trees.

According to Wikipedia, Jacaranda is a genus of 49 species of flowering plants in the family Bignoniaceae, native to tropical and subtropical regions of Mexico, Central America, South America, Cuba, Hispaniola, Astralia, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

It has been planted widely in Asia, especially in Nepal. Jacaranda mimosifolia is quite common in Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, Spain and Argentina, and has been introduced to most tropical and subtropical regions to the extent that it has entered the popular culture.