Breaking: 2 million people will lose their jobs in Australia as the COVID-19 crisis escalates.

Australia is facing an unemployment rate of over 15%, up from about 5% today.

The SMH said analysis showed millions will be out of work in the coming weeks and months, the worst since the Great Depression.

Today thousands of people were seen lined up at Centrelink outlets across the nation.

This morning the MyGov website shutdown as 90,000 people tried to logon at the same time.

In multiple industries, people instantly lost their jobs, as hospitality venues, gyms and non-essential services came to a halt.

Australia will enter is first recession in 30-years, with the Coronavirus forcing much of the nation to shut down.

Today in the Australian Financial Review, Journalists said the jobs will be lost in a range of industries, including food services, hotels and accomodation, retail, the arts and recreations services, education, training and construction.

In the construction sector, there are 1.2 million workers and businesses are already having to lay off workers…927,000 people work in the accommodation and food-service industry, in which major cuts are expected. Accommodation Association of Australia expects 70,000 direct jobs to be cut, while in food services the number is yet to be quantified…

In the retail trade, there are currently 1.3 million employees; the arts and recreational services industry employs 255,000, and education and training about 1.1 million…

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