Breaking News: Contact with large air tanker fighting the bushfires in Sydney and New South Wales has been lost.

It’s feared the aircraft may have crashed somewhere in souther New South Wales.

The NSWRFS said:

“The NSW Rural Fire Service is investigating reports of a serious incident involving an aircraft in southern NSW this afternoon. Contact was lost with a Large Air Tanker which was working in the Snowy Monaro area.”

The large air tanker was lost somewhere in the Snowy Mountains, near the New South Wales/Victoria boarder region.

A C130 disappeared from FR24 at approximately 02:05UTC 1/23/20 at 6,325 ft.

The Large Air tanker C130 from Coulson is reported to have crashed in the Snowy Mountains, one Aviation observer said.

Another Aviation observer said: “Reports of a US registered C-130 Water bombing aircraft has crashed NE of Cooma, Snowy Monaro area. Aircraft in the area report seeing a huge fireball as aircraft crashed… Just when you think this bushfire season couldnt get any worse, it does.”

Flight path of C130 that suddenly went missing over souther NSW.

An Australian Air Force Aircraft is circling in the area the aircraft went missing.

At the time of the incident, winds in the region were very high, with a cold front moving over SE Australia

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