Breaking: There are grave fears that Australian hospitals could be swamped with dozens of infected German and Swiss Covid-19 patients from the Artania.

There’s a standoff tonight in Fremantle in Western Australia as a Cruise ship full of Covid-19 patients awaits their fate.

The Western Australian Premier had been refusing to let European passengers off and fears local hospitals could be swamped.

“This ship needs to leave immediately,” Premier Mark McGowan said earlier this week. “Our position is clear, we are not going to have a Sydney Harbour fiasco on our watch.”

The local authorities are already dealing with 12 Covid-19 patients in hospital with Covid-19, and expecting local hospitals to be hit anyway.

At least 70 people on the ship have symptoms of Covid-19, the West reported.

We know from previous cruise ships that the disease can quickly spread to others on the ship.

The plan was to take the passengers to the international Airport and fly the passengers home.

However now with dozens of suspected cases on board the Artania, and possible further spread, crisis talks are being held about what to do next.

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