Not now 2020. An asteroid to come close to Earth.

A huge asteroid will make a relatively close encounter with our little planet this weekend.

The asteroid known as 163348 (2002 NN4) (or 2002 NN4 to its friends) will make a close approach to Earth this weekend.

The huge asteroid seen by powerful telescopes from Earth.

The asteroid is estimated to be up to half a kilometre in width, quite a beast of a Near Earth Space rock.

Asteroid 2002 NN4 is more than a dozen times larger than the object that slammed into the atmosphere above Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013, which had a diameter of roughly 66 feet (20 meters).

The asteroid will be 13 times the distance of the Moon from Earth so we are pretty safe for now.

The asteroid will be at its closest to Earth late night Sunday June 7 or very early Monday June 8 2020 Sydney time.

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