Australia Flood Wedding

Hope in a sea of destruction : How a Wedding Day was saved in the middle of historic Australian floods.

When Kate Fotheringham woke up on her Wedding Day, she had no idea of the drama that was about to ensue, as flood waters began raging in the land around her home.

It was Saturday March 20th, 2021.

Record rains over several days had begun swamping her region near Port Macquarie on the New South Wales Mid-North Coast.

Rain is meant to be good luck on your wedding day, the story goes. However this day would be something else.

Bride Kate Fotheringham and her husband to be woke up Saturday hoping to be married at a Church a few kilometres away.

However, when they woke up Saturday, a wall of water had flooded roads that would take them from their home to the Church in a nearby town.

With no way to get through, Kate made a plea for help on Twitter.

A short time later, a local helicopter came to save the day.

The story from Nine Sydney:

Today, the wedding photos came back.

An extraordinary image from their big day, the newlyweds kissing in the middle of a ruined road, destroyed by the floods that nearly ruined their day.

The image to become an icon in time, marking a moment of hope in historical floods that have destroyed so much and impacted so many in recent days.