Breaking News: Australians will be forced to give up most of their freedom of movement, including who you can have in your home, as the government moves to stop the spread of Covid-19, SMH reported.

Australia’s cases are skyrocketing and social distancing and measures to close bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms and places of worship seen as not enough to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Its understood there would soon be restrictions on hosting social gatherings in you own home.

More workplaces will also be forced to close down, as the Australia moves for a massive lockdown for weeks.

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison and State and Territory leaders were preparing for stage 2 of the coronavirus pandemic.

Only the most essential services will operate and residents largely confined to their homes.

The measures are likely to see restrictions on barbecues, dinner parties and birthdays at private homes. In Germany and the UK, only two people may meet at any one time, outside of families.

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