Breaking News : Australia is about to lockdown, with the government not confident people cannot isolate and social distance, new measures are now coming.

All clubs, pubs, cinemas, casinos, nightclubs will close from Midday Monday.

Restaurants and cafes to become takeaway only. He says the venues will likely stay shut for for six months.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison outlined new rules for Australians as the Covid-19 crisis escalates.

There are going to be two stages of lockdowns for Australia.

We are about to go into stage one. They will be in place for 6-months, the PM said.

“We need Australians to keep a healthy distance… this is incredibly important.

“The failure of our people to do that will make it extremely difficult.”

“We can’t have the confidence that the social distancing will be followed to save lives. So, the State Premiers and Chief Ministers have agreed move to more restrictions.”

Stage 1:

Gatherings in closed spaces will be stopped from Midday Monday.

This includes:

Licensed premises in hotels, pubs and clubs will be stopped.

Bottle shops will be closed, except for Queensland and Tasmania will close.

Entertainment venues will close including casinos and clubs.

Places of worship.

Indoor sporting venues.

Cafes, restaurants and bars will be closed except for takeaway delivery of food.

Schools should stay open for now.

These changes are subject to change rapidly, as we’ve seen in recent hours and days.

We’ll update more information soon.

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