Australia will jail its own citizens for 5-years if they attempt to return home from India and other places deemed dangerous, reports said.

The Australian government, under the Biosecurity Act, will ban returning citizens, under extreme measures to keep the virus from the country.

Thousands of Australian citizens are desperate to return home form hotspots like India.

It appears those Australian passport holders will now be abandoned by their own government, with threats of jail time.

The Federal government will invoke the powers under the Biosecurity Act, as soon as the weekend.

Under the measures, it would be a crime for anyone to return to Australia if they have been in a high-risk country 14 days prior to arriving, the Nine Network reported.

Penalties include five years jail or a A$66,000 fine.

Australian’s returning home are already required to undertake 2-weeks mandatory quarantine in hotels before being given the freedom to enter the community.

There are an estimated 9,000 Australians in India, many are desperate to come home.

Australia has currently suspended flights from India to Australia, however many people returning do so via other countries.

The government appears to be trying to stop that by giving threats of jail time to those who do, despite the 2-week mandatory quarantine.

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