Breaking: People across NSW and Victoria are bracing for a weekend from hell as fires flare up again. 

Thousands of people are trying to evacuate regional areas ahead of a devastating bushfire weather warning, with high temperatures and high winds expected.

Highways are clogged with cars, petrol stations are rationing fuel, as tens of thousands head for major towns and cities to escape the flames.

Chaos on the Roads

The Princess Highway is a parking lot in many parts of southern NSW as tourists and locals alike flee before the weekend. 

NSW has declared a State of Emergency.

The ABC says the Premier says the emergency has been declared to allow for forced evacuations and road closures ahead of Saturday’s forecast “horrible” fire conditions.

NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said conditions on Saturday were likely to be worse than on New Year’s Eve.

“There’ll be real challenges and very real risks associated with what’s being forecast and predicted for fire spread under the sorts of weather conditions we’re expecting as we head into Saturday,” he said.

Holidaymakers who have been told to leave the South Coast ahead of Saturday’s dangerous conditions have been lining up for hours outside petrol stations and supermarkets for supplies.

Leave Now Order Given


A “tourist leave zone” has been declared for a 12,235-square-kilometre area between Batemans Bay and the edge of Victoria’s northern border.

In Victoria, tourists are being told to get out of the Alpine National Park and Kosciuszko National Park just over the boarder in New South Wales.

Fires in the Kosciuszko National Park are set to flare up significantly. There was an urgent evacuation order on Thursday, with holidaymakers urged to get out by 10am on Friday.

Fire Coming North of Nowra

Meanwhile firefighters are desperate to stop a huge wall of flames leaping the Shoalhaven River at Nowra, which could send flames toward Kangaroo Valley and beyond.

Fire fighters desperate to stop the spread of the Shoalhaven fire north.

Fire set to jump the river. 

People in the Shoalhaven region south of Sydney have been told to leave now


People are bracing for the fire and many have fled the region.

Firefighters are working to prevent the escalation of the fire by back burning near Nowra.

Smoke Over the Pacific Ocean

Huge plumes of smoke is blanketing New Zealand. Much of it has head south toward Antarctica. 

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