Breaking: Extraordinary satellite images showing the intense inferno of the Australian bushfires have been published.

The images, taken by a European Union satellite, show the intense wall of fire stretching for hundreds of kilometres across the NSW south coast on December 31 2019.

The Imagery is from Sentinel-2A, shows the Clyde Mountain Fire (near Batemans Bay, NSW) and associated cumulus flammagenitus (pyrocumulus) at around 11:07 AEDT on New Years Eve 2019.

On the ground firefighters were trapped in flames and used their trucks to survive. Many engines were abandoned after the fire overwhelmed crews and some fire fighters suffered injuries in the chaos.

One video shows just how serious conditions are for the mostly volunteer fire fighting heroes.

Three people have perished in the fires and thousands of homes lost. The toll is set to rise dramatically once authorities reach homes, highways and towns in the region.

A father and son perished defending their property in the fires. Other bodies have been found in cars, as terrified locals try to escape the disaster.

Two fires that were burning at emergency level overnight have been downgraded.

More than 50 fires are uncontained across the state Of New South Wales, eight of which are currently burning at watch and act level.

Authorities are asking people to avoid major and local roads on the South Coast, closed due to power outages.

The fires ripped through towns destroying everything in their wake including homes, schools and businesses. The entire scope of the disaster is still yet to be understood with many missing and settlements unreachable.

The Australian Military is involved trying to bring in supplies to areas cut off and evacuate people.

Thousands of people were forced to flee to the coast and jump into the ocean to escape the flames.

Incredible images show how people were forced into the water and rovers, lakes and coastal beaches across the SE coast of NSW and NE coast of Victoria.

Images posted to social media showed families huddled on the beaches of the region, as there was no escape but to the sea.

The Australian navy has mobilised to rescue stranded citizens as roads and bridges were either cut off or had burned down.

The fires are now regarded as possibly the worst on record, with the situation ongoing since September.

Breaking: Apocalyptic scenes on the NSW south coast today as seen by satellite.

Posted by Sydney News on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

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