How to donate to the Australian bushfire victims?

We have been requested by hundreds of people to help guide ways to help the local people, animals and Fire fighters in the devastating Australian bushfires.

Dozens of people have died; thousands of homes, businesses and public buildings have been lost; fire fighters are struggling; many are homeless; And hundreds of millions of animals have perished or injured.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the charities, not for profits and organisations helping people fight the fires, rescue and rehabilitation of animals and the victims of the fires.

How to help evacuees

  • Donate to the Australian Red Cross, which is supporting thousands of people in evacuation and recovery centers across the country. Local residents can volunteer their services.
  • Donate to the Salvation Army Australia, which is providing meals and support to evacuees and first responders in multiple locations. 
  • Extra room in your home? Offer to host people in need of emergency housing on AirBnB
  • Donate to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, which is helping evacuated families recover. The organization is providing food and clothing, helping cover bills, and donating household items to those whose homes have been destroyed.
  • Donate food, funds or services to Foodbank, the largest hunger-relief charity in Australia. 
  • Donate to a GoFundMe dedicated to displaced First Nations Communities that need to rebuild. 
  • Australian Lions Foundation has set up a national appeal to support those impacted by the bushfires across Australia.

How to help firefighters

How to help wildlife

  • Donate to WIRES, a wildlife rescue nonprofit that is rescuing and caring for thousands of sick, injured and orphaned native animals.
  • Save the Kangaroo Island Koalas 🐨 fund (half have been wiped out in a few days).
  • Donate to the World Wildlife Fund Australia, which is directing its efforts towards koala conservation.
  • Donate to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital‘s GoFundMe, which has rescued and treated dozens of koalas suffering from severe burns. The hospital is using donations to install automatic drinking stations in burnt areas to help wildlife searching for water and to establish a wild koala breeding program to ensure the survival of the species.
  • Donate to the RSPCA New South Wales, which is helping evacuate, rescue and treat pets and wildlife in threatened areas.

We thank you on behalf of these organisations for any donations you can give.

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How to make a difference in the Australian bushfires: Here is how people around the world can help the local people, firefighters and animals recover 🐨 🦘🤝 👇 🇦🇺 🌏 🙏

Posted by Sydney News on Saturday, January 4, 2020

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