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Breaking: Australian Bushfires video shows an incredible wall of flames.

More video has emerged of the extraordinary Australian Bushfires, that have destroyed vast areas of bushland in South Eastern Australia.

The images below show a huge fire front that burnt for hundreds of kilometres from inland to the ocean, an unstoppable wall of flames.

Video taken from a helicopter in the East Gippsland region of Victoria shows the apocalyptic wall of flames stretching dozens of kilometres.

The series of videos was shared to Twitter by Glen Moray today shows the extraordinary vision.

“This is the Wingan Fire just before we had to leave due to fading light on Sunday afternoon,” he said.

“It made it to the coast that night and now into Mallacoota.”

The fire front went onto destroy hundreds of structures across the region.

Thousands of people are still trapped, as locals were forced to jump in the Ocean at the coast once the fire front arrived.

Video: Massive wall of flames that burned from the interior of Victoria state to the Ocean.

Video / Wall of Fire : Australian Bushfires / Glen MOREY

The fire front was so massive it went onto destroy or damange towns including Genoa, Gipsy Point, Karbethong, Mallacoota, Maramingo Creek, Wangarabell, Wingan River.

The fire burnt right to the Ocean from beyond the Wigan River to Mallacoota.

The entire town was surrounded by the wall of flames. Nothing in the path of the fire could have survived.

At least 17 people are missing in the region.

The Australian Navy has arrived in the area to rescue hundreds of stranded people.

Wall of Fire: Unstoppable Australian Bushfires

“Nothing can stop this”A massive wall of fire stretching for miles seen in this extraordinary video shot from a firefighting chooper.

Posted by Sydney News on Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Another video from Morey sowed a fire front near Buchan in Victoria.

“Nothing stopping this one,” he said.

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