Breaking: Disturbing reports and images have emerged from the latest bushfire fronts in south east Australia.

A cameraman from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has filmed apocalyptic scenes in New South Wales.

“Graphic warning. Absolutely gut wrenching drive into Batlow this morning. Never seen anything like it.”

The news cameraman said he believed the world needed to know what was happening.

“Sorry to share these images near Batlow, NSW. It’s completely heartbreaking. Worst thing I’ve seen. Story must be told,” he said.

The town of Batlow in New South Wales has been devastated.

Kangaroos have died in mass, as seen in the video.

Closer to Sydney in the Kangaroo Valley, vast areas of bush and grassland known to be home to wombats appears to have been destroyed.

Bendeela Picnic Area is a recreational camping park in Kangaroo valley and has been impacted by fire.

Hundreds of wombats live in the area. It’s hoped that many were able to survive the flames in their burrows.

The Australian bushfires have also claimed many livestock of farms across the region. A prolonged drought has made the region near impossible for some farmers.

Millions of native wildlife animals would have died in recent days.

At least 500 million animals have perished since September, that number will go higher.

Confronting images we would like to share below:

if you would like to help the animals in Australia, consider a donation to WIRES wildlife rescue organisation.

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