An Australian diplomat who flew into Sydney from overseas and then drove to Canberra in a private vehicle has tested positive for Coronavirus.

The diplomat had been overseas and returned to Australia in the last few days.

Instead of being confined to hotel quarantine like almost everyone else returning to Australia, the diplomat was able to drive back to Canberra to quarantine at home.

The new case is a man from Weston Creek in the ACT in his 40s.

A spokeswoman from ACT Heath said the man arrived in Sydney via plane from overseas and travelled by private vehicle to Canberra to quarantine at home.

The man’s family is now also in quarantine as a precaution.

Chief Health Officer Dr Kerryn Coleman said she was confident there had been no risk to the broader public.

“The case is, however, a good reminder of the ongoing pandemic and the need for our community to continue to observe physical distancing and hygiene measures, and for people to stay home if they are unwell,” she said.

“The case is also a demonstration of how important it is for us to maintain a high level of testing in the community.”