Australia’s tourism sector, worth tens of billion of dollars to the economy, is facing oblivion. 

Today the government announced non-citizens and residents were banned from entering the country.

Hours later, the Australian Treasurer said that the travel ban would be in place for at least 6-months.

The Australian tourism sector is bleeding billions already, with people told to quarantine for 14-days already. 

Now, with no visitors from overseas, it seems Australia is facing a huge economic crisis.

Australia normally gets 10-million visitors from overseas every year.

The last thing Australian tourism needed after bushfires and climate change was this.

Thousands of jobs will be lost, as tourism operators close down and wait out the COVID-19 crisis.

International departures from Australia are not affected by the ban, which applies only to inbound flights, so non citizens can still leave the nation.

The past 24 hours have seen both Qantas and Virgin Australia announce plans to suspend all international flights from the end of March until May-June 2020, and coronavirus-related bans and ‘do not travel’ orders shut down the global travel market.

Speaking to media, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that this notice period “will enable, over the next 24 hours or so, for people to make other arrangements if they were intending to come to Australia,” or to arrive before the deadline.

“We won’t have, in the vast majority of cases, people finding themselves on planes headed here unless they were going along a rather protracted route, and that means they’ll be able to make other arrangements.”