Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach is closed.

After yesterday’s shambolic scenes, the local council has shut down the beach effective immediately.

Scenes yesterday afternoon were shown around the world by the media, thousands of people had crowded the sands, grasses hills, cafes and bars despite efforts to implement social distancing.

The scenes were so terrifying that the Australian health minister demanded the Waverley Council to shut the beaches.

“What happened in Bondi was unacceptable, and the local council must take steps to stop that from occurring,” Mr Hunt told reporters in Melbourne on Saturday.

A short time later, the NSW Police Minister ordered the beach the closed.

Minister David Elliott is said to have ordered the council and local authorities to close down Bondi Beach for the foreseeable future.

“There were reports that Bondi had many thousands of people. Many of them were not keeping the psychical separation we all need,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in Bondi or in a Church, separate by 1.5m,” he said earlier.

Earlier this morning , thousands of beachgoers again defied the social distancing order by gathering at the popular tourist spot for a second day, The Daily Telegraph said.

The Covid-19 virus is well and truly transitioning across the community in Sydney.

7-deaths from the virus are already reported in NSW so far, and hundreds have tested positive for the virus.

The rate of transmission is expected to increase significantly in Sydney over the coming days and self isolation measures may not be enough, especially if people continue business as usual.

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