Bushfire smoke from Australia has covered New Zealand in an apocalyptic like haze.

An eerie orange glow could be seen from Sunday across the Tasman Sea from Australia’s east coast.

New satellite images published today reveal the thick smoke chocking the sky above New Zealand on the weekend.

2,000 kilometres from Australia’s fire zones, the smoke has moved over to New Zealand’s North Island on Sunday.

The “unprecedented plume of smoke” shrouded the upper half of the island, causing skies to turn “dramatic orange” and darken significantly in Auckland about 2pm.

From what [we] can tell smoke this thick has never crossed New Zealand from Australia in recorded history,” Weather Watch said in a statement.

Forecaster Nava Fedaeff, from New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, said: “Everything was orangey-coloured. It was quite an incredible sight.”

“Smoke that enters the lower stratosphere can linger for several months and so it is possible that it will encircle the southern hemisphere,” she said.

Image: Japan’s Himawari-8 satellite, taken 5th January 2020 – An orange plume moving over New Zealand 2,000km away.

Snow covered mountains in New Zealand are now covered in bushfire smoke.

Images posted to twitter show ice and snow tinged with a brown like cover.

Near Franz Josef glacier. The “caramelised” snow is caused by dust from the bushfires. It was white yesterday

The smoke settling on snow and ice may accelerate temperatures and even make global warming worse, one meteorologist suggested.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand posted to her Instagram account:

“Even before we saw the smoke from fires across the ditch, I know we were already thinking of our friends and neighbours in Australia,” Jacinda Ardern wrote.

“It’s been devastating to watch from afar, I can only imagine what it feels like to experience it directly.”

Australian Bushfire Smoke Heading for South America

The bushfire smoke is heading east over the Pacific and is likely to reach South America and possibly Africa and encircle the Southern Hemisphere.

Thick bushfire smoke has been present in Australian cities for weeks.

Sydney has had weeks of hazardous air quality, the smoke is also thick in Melbourne where 5 million people live.

In Canberra, flights were grounded as the bushfire smoke from bushfires was too thick for planes to take off or land.

Royal Australian Airforce planes couldn’t reach some of the fires zones to evacuate people from harms way, as red smoke filled the sky.

Like flying on Mars 🔥 ✈️ Heavy smoke from bushfires prevented some Australian Air Force C27J & C130J flights from reaching towns in the bushfire zone. More: http://SydneyNews.sydney(credit: Australian department of defence)

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You can also learn more about how to donate to the bushfire victims.

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