Breaking: New trajectory maps show a falling Chinese rocket could fall over Australia, the Tasman Sea, New Zealand or the South Pacific.

The Long March 5B booster is expected to fall back to the Earth’s surface this weekend, now new calculations have narrowed down a path over Australia and New Zealand into the South Pacific.
Latest projections show space junk to fall between Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific.

The Long March 5B is one of the most massive objects to make an uncontrolled descent to Earth.

The 23 ton space rocket was part of a recent launch by the Chinese government for their new space station.

US Space Command and some private companies are tracking the rocket, with projections narrowing to our part of the world.

A number of observers are tweeting about the latest projections.

The CZ5B rocket body is now expected to splash down into the ocean around 2pm Sunday.

That would mean people in Australia to New Zealand and the South Pacific could see the space debris in the middle of the afternoon.

Almost all of the rocket is expected to burn up in the atmosphere, however some debris could survive.

A similar rocket in 2020 rained debris down in Africa’s CĂ´te d’Ivoire.

On May 12, 2020 images of a a “12 meter-long object” that had landed in the village of Mahounou surfaced, luckily nobody was injured.

Space junk from 2020 in Africa, unconfirmed reporting

Updates to come