Despite the new draconian lockdown in Australia, many major retailers are still allowed to operate.

Now, Nine News Sydney reports, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian wants to consider moving to close down all major retailers as part of localised Covid-19 measures.

The NSW Premier had been pushing the National Cabinet harder for new measures recently and largely got her way – as the Coronavirus spreads much more widely in NSW compared to other states.

Nine News tonight reports on retail closure moves.

Major retailers still open, despite harsh rules for other parts of the economy.

So far, Australia’s major retail chains like Kmart, Ikea, Bunnings, Target and Office Works have been allowed to remain open. This despite more draconian measures being put in place by the Federal Government.

Most hospitality, tourism, entertainment venues are now closed, with thousands of jobs lost overnight.

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In Sydney, there are concerns people can still congregate in large numbers at major retailers, despite new, more stringent lockdown rules designed to stop the Covid-19 spread.

Nine News reports tonight that the NSW Premier wants to discuss the possible shut down of all non-essential retail, as a new most to stop the Covid-19 spread.

The Premier is in discussions, Nine said, about shutting retails stores all together.

This would also force the closure of most parts of major shopping centres, outside pharmacies and grocery stores.

The National Cabinet, made up of the Prime Minister as well as State and Territory leaders, have so far resisted this move.

Tens of thousands of Sydney jobs are on the line if the decision was made to close these outlets.

From midnight tonight only two people may meet, outside of households.

Parks, outdoor gyms and skate parks will close, on top of the thousands of businesses that have shut in the last week.

It seems strange that major retailers are allowed to continue to operate, while thousands of other business have to suffer, with thousands of jobs lost.

There are now 1,918 confirmed Covid-19 cases in New South Wales, up 127 on yesterday.

We’ll wait to see what happens next.

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