The Coronavirus in Australia

Coronavirus Sydney arrival : A number of people who have arrived in recent days from China are likely carrying the Coronavirus, Health Authorities said.

The Coronavirus is confirmed in Melbourne today – Australia’s first case – and now Sydney faces its first diagnosis.

(Update: 3 Sydney cases now confirmed)

There are currently at least two probable cases of coronavirus in New South Wales.

Four other people also possibly have the disease right now, health officials have announced this afternoon in Sydney.

All six patients suspected to have Coronavirus recently visited China. These people are undergoing hospital testing, the two probable cases have been fully isolated at this time.

Patients in Adelaide, South Australia are also in quarantine right now.

All six NSW patients that are likely Coronavirus cases had been in Wuhan, China, which is the epicentre of the cornavirus outbreak. 

A health official in Sydney was downplaying the threat.

“At this stage we are contacting everybody in accordance with the national guidelines and treating them as if they are confirmed,” Dr Chant said.

While authorities do not fully understand how the coronavirus spreads, it is thought to be less contagious than measles and only transmissible once a patient has started showing symptoms.

NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant spoke to media today.

“The risk of transmission is still very, very low,” Dr Chant said.

“So if we can get that message, that if you get the symptoms after returning from overseas, or you have been in contact with a known case of coronavirus, seek care immediately. Seek care urgently.”

All direct flights between Wuhan and Sydney have been cancelled.

Australian nations in quarantine

On Australia’s annual Hottest 100 countdown, a caller Saturday afternoon had said he and two friends were in quarantine with the suspected Coronavirus.

“I’m jamming out to the #hottest100 while in quarantine for Coronavirus,” the caller said.

Flights Cancelled

China Eastern Airlines flights from Sydney to and from the Chinese city Xi’an via Wuhan are now cancelled through to March 29 at least.

Earlier, flights were allowed to arrive in Australia from Wuhan. Health officials are now being criticised for not cancelling flights earlier.

Coronavirus Spread “most virulent virus epidemic”

The coronavirus is highly contagious. The cold like virus is deadly for those who are elderly and young, or those with other medical conditions.

The spread of the virus is unprecedented.

Public health scientist Dr Eric Ding suggested the world was facing “the most virulent virus epidemic the world has ever seen.”

Cases of Coronavirus:

There are now confirmed cases in the following nations: China – US – France – Japan – South Korea – Taiwan – Singapore – Thailand – Australia – Nepal – Vietnam – Hong Kong – Macau.

The Coronavirus explained

Silent Virus

Doctors now say the Coronavirus is contagious even in people with little or no symptoms.

Scans showed the virus may be present in the lungs of individuals with no obvious symptom, making it near impossible to identify and contain people. The findings were reported in Friday’s edition of The Lancet medical journal, the South China Morning Post said.

Dr Eric Ding suggested this is going to a historical pandemic.

He said the coronavirus is “possibly an unchecked pandemic that the world has not seen since the 1918 Spanish Influenza.”

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