The Coronavirus has claimed its first victim in Sydney, with a 95-year-old woman who had died earlier this week now reported to have had the disease.

It’s believed a nurse working at the nursing home may have given the virus to her patients.

The 50-year-old nurse started experiencing flu-like symptoms around 24 February and is now in a stable condition in hospital.

It’s not known how she got Coronavirus.

Eleven of the 13 residents for whom she was carer have been placed in isolation.

Authorities in Sydney are working to trace a number of cases of Coronavirus that have been confirmed in the city in recent days.

There are now 22 known cases in New South Wales.

“The female doctor who was diagnosed on March 4 had no history of overseas travel. We are immediately establishing which staff and patients may need to self-isolate and be tested for COVID-19 should they be unwell,” NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said in a statement

3 doctors, 23 nurses & 4 other health workers have been identified as close contacts of the doctor and are now in home isolation. A further 8 patients of the doctor are showing no symptoms, while 29 other patients identified as casual contacts are being chased up.

There are now at least 50 Coronavirus cases in Australia.

NSW Health is alerting passengers who were on five separate flights from Asia in the past week after two men in their 30s, a man in his 50s and two women in their 60s tested positive following their arrival in NSW.

They travelled from Iran, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

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