Breaking: There have been 4 deaths from #covid19 overnight in Sydney.

3 victims were passengers on the Ruby Princess Cruise Ship.

The cruise ship is at the centre of a growing scandal. 2,700 passengers were allowed to leave the ship and enter the Australian community on March 19.

To date there have been 342 confirmed cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in NSW in passengers who all acquired their infection while on, or in some cases, possibly before boarding the Ruby Princess cruise.

The ship left Sydney in early March for a cruise around New Zealand. It returned with dozens of people sick on board later that month.

The New South Wales health minister said the victims were four men aged 91, 80, 76 and 61.

39 people are in intensive care in NSW as of Sunday morning.

Overnight there were 87 new detected cases of COVID-19, bringing the state’s total to 2,580.

26% of the cases in the state are people under the age of 29.

More detailed data and insights from New South Wales Health.

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Meanwhile our social distancing and lockdown measures may be working.

“The last few days we have seen numbers bounce around without escalating at the same level as we have seen before, so we are hopeful that we are starting to flatten the curve. But there is more work to be done, and it is important that we all heed those messages,” NSW Health’s director of health protection, Jeremy McAnulty.

The director also said people in their 20s was a huge source of the Coronavirus spread.

578 acquired locally from a known confirmed case or cluster, and 380 locally acquired but without direct contact with a known case or cluster, and 56 remain under investigation.

McAnulty notes that the “biggest single age group is people in their 20s”. “And in fact, we have seen also three people who were ventilated in intensive care in their 30s.”

Video: Press conference Sunday morning in Sydney led by NSW Health Minister.

Data from states shows a decline in the daily confirmed cases across Australia, with numbers dropping in recent days.

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