The 2020 Cricket World Cup will be postponed, sources old Sydney News.

The 2020 Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup will be pushed back to either February/March 2021, or October/November 2021 sources said.

Earlier, Cricket Australia requested that the International Cricket Council loved the World Cup to a later date.

Cricket Australia expects massive financial losses and the hurt would mean it was not feasible for a cricket World Cup to take place in 2020.

A lack of crowds to generate ticket revenue, extreme local biosecurity arrangements, and the logistics of trying to hold a World Cup in October-November would be too costly.

Cricket Australia CEO Kevin Roberts said the organisation is set to lose tens of millions of dollars.

“The likelihood of significant crowds is very slim – ordinarily that would deliver well over $50m revenue to CA,” Roberts told reporters on Friday.

“The T20 World Cup is a big question and that’s a factor of perhaps $20m … we have been hopeful all along that it could be staged in October-November but you would have to say there’s a very high risk about the prospect of that happening.

India, the most powerful voice in world cricket, wants the 2020 event to be cancelled so it can host the IPL later this year instead.

Cricket Australia chairman Earl Eddings said: “It would be detrimental to cricket if the cancellation of the Australian event is replaced by awarding of the subsequent T20 World Cup in October-November 2022.

“Australia has thankfully managed to flatten the (COVID) curve, meaning there is greater certainty of being able to play in Australia in 2021 (which is key to maintaining member distribution). This would give India another year to resolve any COVID-related problems.”

An ICC Board meeting was cancelled on Thursday as chaos broke out due to media leaks.

“The International Cricket Council (ICC) Board met via teleconference today with all agenda items deferred until 10 June 2020 following a discussion, led by Chairman Shashank Manohar, around the issue of confidentiality,” the ICC said in a statement.

“A number of Board members had raised their concerns over this issue recently and felt it required immediate attention to ensure the sanctity and confidentiality of Board matters in line with the highest standards of governance.

“There was unanimous agreement to immediately initiate an independent investigation led by the ICC’s Ethics Officer and supported by global experts. The Board will be updated on this by the ICC CEO at its next meeting on 10 June 2020.

“The Board also requested the ICC management continue with their discussions with stakeholders in exploring various contingency options in light of the rapidly changing public health situation caused by the COVID-19 virus.”