Donkey Burger – Sydney Restaurant Serving Donkey Meat – Huoshao King in Manly Vale, Northern Beaches

A Sydney Chinese Restaurant is selling donkey meat.

Donkey Burgers are on sale in the affluent Sydney suburb of Manly Vale, and they’re a huge hit already.

The Manly Huoshao King claims to be the only place in Australia serving the traditional Chinese donkey meat special.

According to The Manly Daily, the dish is called Donkey Huoshao and sells for just 6.80.

The Donkey Huoshao is cooked donkey meat, served in a pancake bun. Donkey burgers and meats are popular in the Hebei province of China. The dish has roots back to the Ming Dynasty of China.

Manager of Huoshao King, Banyan Xiao, told Ten News Sydney that the Chinese Restaurant was selling at least 30 burgers a day. Since they added the donkey burger dish to the menu, people have travelled far and wide to visit just to taste the burgers.

“Donkey meat is really popular in China, a lot of people really like this kind of specialty,” Ms Xiao said of the Donkey Burger dish.

The donkey meat is sources from the Northern Territory, the restaurant said.

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