A 17-year-old boy, known as “Egg Boy” after becoming a social media sensation has been identified as Will Connolly.

The Melbourne teen now has a massive following on social media, with tens of thousands of fans on Instagram overnight.

The teenager came to the attention of social media circles after he smashed an egg on 19 vote getter and Queensland Senator Fraser Anning, who is known for holding extremist far right political views.

EggBoy Will Connolly managed to make his way into a rally of far right extremists in Melbourne Saturday, before standing next to Anning as he gave a press conference.

Video shows Eggboy, who has become an internet hero, calmly videoing Anning before slamming the egg on his head.

Unfortunately Anning turned around and landed two punches on the teen and attempted to kick William Connolly.

A group of Anning supporters, mostly large men, tackled William Connolly to the ground with clearly excessive force. Another video showed Eggboy being held in a dangerous head lock.

In a video posted to his social media, William Connolly said he was surprised at the response.

“Don’t egg politicians, you get tackled no by about 30 boagans at the same time. I learned the hard way. Fuck,” he said.

This post first appeared on Melbourne News