Australia is seriously looking at the eradication of COVID-19 in the nation.

Today the Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer held a press conference after the National Cabinet met.

One of the major points coming out of the press conference was the suggestion that Australia could be close to the eradication of the Coronavirus.

With testing widening and cases falling dramatically on a daily basis, the opportunity to stamp out the virus may be possible.

The Prime Minister spoke of expansive testing, even with people who may not have any symptoms, as well as using an app to track all Australians as a way to finally crush Covid-19.

The Chief Medical officer said Australia, at least in some parts, could be Covid-19 free.

Chief medical officer Murphy: “it’s quite possible we could eradicate the virus in some parts of the country.”

Political Journalist Kieran Gilbert noted the effort to take the opportunity to make Australia a Covid-19 free zone.

“A positive thing to say is we have often found ourselves, as we have now, in a better place ahead of time, and if we are able to achieve that well and good,” the Prime Minister said in response to the question of eradication possibility.

There were just 19 Australian cases of Covid-19 in Thursday April 16pm at 4pm Sydney time.

The Chief Medical Officer said testing was very broad now and we were still not picking up many cases of Covid-19 in the wider population.

“We have done some pretty broad scale testing and a lot of states now, South Australia is testing everybody with respiratory illness, New South Wales has broader testing, and Victoria, we have existing sentinel surveillance which has been going for weeks,” the CMO said.

Video: Press Conference April 16 2020 in Canberra.

LIVE:Prime Minister Scott Morrison with a COVID-19 update after a national cabinet meeting.

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Posted by The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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