Everyone should self-isolate at home in order to break person-to-person transmission, according to Dr Dan Suan. Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology Specialist at the Westmead Hospital in Sydney.

Dr Suan has been urging the public across Sydney, New South Wales and Australia to stay at home at all costs and only leave the home unless absolutely neccessary.

The Doctor is also urging social media influencers and celebrities to work to get the word out about urging the population to isolate.

“Social isolation is not an act of fear. it’s an act of love. The reason you are doing is to protect yourself, your family, your friends and their families,” he told ABC News.

He has 5 simples for self-isolation

Rule 1: Stay at home. Don’t leave your home unless absolutely neccissary.

If you have to go out:

Rule 2: Don’t touch anything if you go outside the home unless you have to.

Rule 3: Don’t touch anyone.

Rule 4: Don’t touch your face

Rule 5: Wash Your Hands (with soap or hand sanitiser if you don’t have soap).

“This virus spreads between people. We can stop the epidemic by stopping contact between people, unless it’s absolutely necessary …

“Do not leave your home if you do not need to … When you go out, do not touch another person, in any way, unless you have to.”

“The safest thing to do for yourself and all the people that you love is to stay in your home. “

“The correct number for social isolation is one.”

“I say to every Australian, please look to other countries who are two weeks ahead of us in this pandemic.”

Dr Suan says celebrities need to drive the change to keep Australians safe.

Update: Sunday, 15th March 2020Hi everyone. Thank you very much for sharing this post so widely 🙏🏻. I cannot stress…

Posted by Dan Suan on Saturday, March 14, 2020