Australians have been advised that we don’t need to wear masks on mass in, the government said.

Despite the US and many Asian nations using masks across the populations during this epidemic, Australian advice is it is not needed.

“I would stress at the moment we do not think that is a good idea..partly becuase of the constraint of supply but also the affectivness of people walking around with masks,” Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly

“For the moment mask use is not recommended for the Australian public,” Kelly said.

Kelly also said people might not use a mask effectively.

Wet Markets

The Deputy Chief Medical officer spoke about wet markets in Asia and China, known to be the source of the Covid-19 virus from Wuhan in China.

He said “those decisions need to be made by the countries concerned,” Kelly said.

“Wet markets where there are a lot of live animals in close proximity to humans, increases the risk,” he said.

“However, the major risk now is in humans coming together rather than the markets themselves at this point,” Kelly said.

Winter Time

The Deputy CMO was asked about the coming winter season and the Covid-19 virus. He said winter was more likely for people to get sick from viruses because people were often gathered together in close priximity.

“From the winter perspective we may have less problems… because of the social distancing.”

However, Kelly also said colder temperatures could make the virus spread worse, he suggested.

“We do know that low humidity and low temperatures can impact the virus and we think that with this virus those things could be similar,” Kelly said.

Australia’s Covid-19 cases are up to 5,539 as of Saturday afternoon. There have so far been 30 deaths, with 5 in the last 24-hours.

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