Finding the Best Sydney Mixologists with Southern Comfort ‘Travelling Tales’

Finding the best Sydney Mixologists – Southern Comfort Cocktail Making Championships

Two Sydney mixologists are off to compete with the best in Australia, after winning the Southern Comfort Travelling Tales Cocktail competition.

Kurtis Bosley of Public House Management and Emma Burns from The Clock Hotel took out the NSW round of the national comp, beating out a dozen or so competitors at The Swinging Cat bar on King Street, Sydney CBD.

Bosley won with his Bless Yo’ Heart cocktail and Burns won with her The Shoreditch Sassy cocktail. As part of the Southern Comfort based cocktail competition, they had to tell a unique and authentic travelling tale to inspire their mix.

The Australian Finals take place at NOLA Smokehouse & Bar at Barangaroo in June. The winner’s prize is a trip to New Orleans – the home of Southern Comfort.

More about ‘Travelling Tales’

Read their stories and cocktail details below:


Bless Yo’ Heart

Kurtis Bosley, Public House Management

Bless Yo’ Heart takes inspiration from my travels through South Carolina and the family who showed me, you don’t need much to
create lots. Set on a farm in an Evangelical town, I spent 2 days working with the family and at night sitting in front of their fire trading

Throughout the day we would snack on bananas and nuts to get through, while John would sip his Whiskey. I wanted to take these aspects I remember so clearly, and the notion of taking a few basic staples (Whiskey, Nuts, Banana) and creating something unforgettable.


40ml Southern Comfort

10ml Sazerac Rye Whiskey

10ml Cocchi Americano

15ml House-Made Roasted Hazelnut Orgeat

5ml Amontillado Sherry

10ml Fresh Lemon

Dash Banana Skin Tincture

Dash Pecan Bitters


Shaken, then double strained over fresh ice block. Garnish with burnt peach & lemon thyme sprig.


The Shoreditch Sassy

Emma Burns, The Clock Hotel

sydney mixologists

Nothing says adventure like deciding to go to London on a Wednesday, booking tickets on Thursday, and meeting your best friend in baggage claim on Friday. My best friend and I did just that.

Although I was in Sydney and she was in New York, that didn’t stop us from planning a whirlwind 5-day tour of London. On the last night, to celebrate our brazen awesomeness, we did an epic bar crawl through Shoreditch and I introduced her to the Sazerac.

This drink is an ode to her, that trip, and that hangover.


30ml Southern Comfort

30ml Hibiscus tea infused Rittenhouse Rye

5ml Sugar Syrup

2 drops peychaud bitters

1 large bar spoon of absinthe (for rinse)


Rinse glass with absinthe. Combine hibiscus rye, Southern Comfort, sugar syrup, and bitters into boston; shake with ice. Double strain. Nick and Nora, 2 edible flowers floated on top.

Winners, Sydney Mixologists Kurtis and Emma.

– Kurtis Bosley of Public House Management with his cocktail Bless Yo Heart
– Emma Burns of The Clock Hotel with her cocktail The Shoreditch Sassy

Sydney mixologists winners!

Cocktails from the Sydney Mixologists – Travelling Tales by Southern Comfort Cocktail Making Competition

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