BREAKING NEWS: The Australian government have announced free childcare for parents.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said childcare will be free for parents who need it during the coronavirus crisis.

He says the government will also provide support to 13,000 childcare centres across the country to ensure they remain open.

The existing means testing arrangements for the payment of childcare have been completely dropped as part of this announcement, to make childcare free.

“We will pay you on a fortnightly basis (for childcare),” Education minister Dan Tehan explains.

“With this payment we will be helping the sector to a tune of $1.4 billion,’ he said.

We will also make sure that it it is calibrated with JobSeeker.

“So with JobKeeper, we are helping to support the sector to the tune of over $1 billion. With this payment, we will be helping the sector to the tune of $1.6 billion and this will ensure the sector to make sure that they remain open and are providing this care for parents for free,” he said.