Breaking: It has been estimated that half of the koalas have perished from the population at Kangaroo Island.

Unstoppable bush fires had been racing across the South Australian Island this week.

2 people died in the inferno and many of the buildings on the Island including a massive resort were lost.

Bushfire rages on Kangaroo Island January 3 2020 (Copernicus satellite EU Space Agency)

Now authorities in South Australia say at least half of the kolas on the island perished.

50,000 koalas lived on the island until these fires.

It was hoped by Scientists that Kangaroo Island was the last major sanctuary for the marsupial, however that is now in doubt.

ABC Australia Journalist Lucy Cater reports that it’s believed half of the koalas perished in recent days and more are injured.

“Just spoke to Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. They estimate that at least half the island’s koalas have died, many many more horrifically injured. The island’s koalas were Australia’s ‘insurance population’ as they were not affected by chlamydia,” she said

A go fund me page has been set up to help save the remaining Kangaroo Island koalas. Please give generously.

Earlier we reported on the devastating impact of the bushfires on Australia. Today there was more evidence of the horrific devastating impact on the local wildlife.

A week ago we reported on the estimates that 500 million animals had perished in the bushfires, including thousands of koalas.

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