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Sydney weather: The greater Sydney region hashed its hottest temperate ever recorded.

As thousands of fire fighters struggle to stop huge fires from sweeping the countryside, 5.5 million people in the Sydney basin suffered record heat.

Penrith in Sydney’s west recorded nearly 50C or 120F, the hottest on record there.

The temperature reached a high of 48.9C at 3pm in the afternoon local time Saturday, smashing all precious records.

The Sydney suburb was “the hottest place on Earth” at the time on Saturday January 4 2019.

Penrith was hottest place on Earth today and
Hottest ever day recorded in Greater Sydney,” Professor Ray Wills, a climate scientist said.

“Penrith recorded maximum temperature of 48.9C at 3pm. Previous record of 47.3C set in January 2018.”

In the Australian Capital, Canberra, South West of Sydney, records were also broken.

44C was recorded in Canberra Saturday afternoon.

Canberra Airport reached 44 degrees Celsius, which surpassed the ACT’s previous record at the Old Acton Station, which reached 42.8 degrees Celsius in January 1939.

“We’ve seen many places close to the coast exceed 40C over the southeast and lots of places up on the ranges as well,” Bureau of Meteorology acting NSW manager Jane Golding said.

Heat map shows Australian eastern seaboard in a massive heat trough.

“We’ve seen many sites in western Sydney above 45C and places quite close to the city above 40C.”

Very hot and dry winds have been gusting across Sydney and the state of New South Wales, making the fire threat extraordinarily dangerous.

The local weather bureau said the fires had created their own thunderstorms which create lightning but no rain.

“We are seeing a very unstable atmosphere and there is a heightened risk of storm activity particularly over the far south of the state and the coastal strip up towards Sydney,” she said.

“Any storms that develop today, unfortunately, we’re not expecting them to bring rain but they would bring those gusty winds and that erratic wind behaviour that’s particularly concerning near fire grounds.”

Rain on the way?

“There’s potential for some elevated winds later in (next) week but no big heat spikes because of that hot air mass, there’s some more moist air brought into the west of the country helping to flush out that hot air,” RFS deputy commissioner Rob Rogers told reporters on Friday.

“There’s some potential showers Sunday, Monday, particularly in Victoria that potentially might push up to the south of NSW. That’ll all be welcome.”

Sydney was “the hottest place on Earth” today, with a record temperature near 50C or 120F 🥵 🔥 #climatechange

Posted by Sydney News on Saturday, January 4, 2020

Climate Change is severely impacting Sydney as the data shown below demonstrates, temperatures are soaring way above the long term average in recent years.

So far the bushfires in Australia have burned an area the size of France, with just one month into Summer.

Australia has been burning for months, at least 17 people have died Including firefighters.

Ecologists at Sydney University estimate half a billion animals have been killed so far.

Some species likely to be pushed to the brink of extinction.

Extraordinary footage shows just how ferocious and unstoppable the Australian bushfires are right now. Latest news:

Posted by Sydney News on Saturday, January 4, 2020

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