The rapidly changing International Travel Australia situation gets a boost.

The European Union will allow Australians’ to travel to its member states, as Europe looks to restart its travel industry.

According to German media, the EU is formally moving to allow 13 non-member states to resume travel to the block of nations, including Australia.

Australia, Canada, Thailand and China are the countries on the list.

The EU would continue to prevent US citizens to visit.

The European Council has initiated formal written procedure to pass the travel bubble agreement, according to EU diplomats cited in the German reporting.

The EU will determine who gets to come based on data, such as the number of new infections and trends. .

The Australian government is currently preventing Australian’s from leaving the country, despite the ruling.

Some Aussies may be able to leave Australia under special circumstances, however Border Force has the power to decide who leaves and who stays.

The Australian government has mandatory 2-week hotel quarantine for anyone arriving back in Australia and strongly discourages citizens from leaving for that reason.

Most of Australia’s virus cases were from people who arrived after acquiring the disease overseas and the hotel stay may have saved Australia from the wider pandemic.

Greece and the UK had already said they would be happy to accept Australian visitors from now on.

New Zealand and Australia were also still looking at a ‘Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble’ between the nations, that could also include Pacific Island nations.

However, the Australian PM has said that Australia International Travel would be restricted until at least 2021.

Last week the PM said it was “not unreasonable” to expect overseas travel to be restricted until at least July 2021.

Meanwhile, Qantas, Australia’s main commercial airline said it was not expecting to undertake any meaningful travel until mid-2021.

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