John Alexander Dual Citizen

Sydney politician John Alexander Dual Citizen crisis unfolding…

The SMH reports Sydney politician and tennis identity John Alexander may be a citizen of both Australia and the UK.

There’s a chance John Alexander’s father is a British citizen and thus may make the Liberal MP a dual-citizen.

The reports says the MP for the Sydney seat of Bennelong says he never renounced any ties to other nations.

If proven that he had UK citizenship there could be a new election in the seat of Bennelong and there’s a risk the government of Malcolm Turnbull could collapse if he loses.

A spokesman for Mr Alexander said on Monday: “He believes his dad renounced his UK citizenship in the 41 years he lived in Australian before John was born. But of course he will fully participate in the process that the PM has just announced today.”

Breaking News on the John Alexander Duel Citizen news coming soon….