Kerryn Phelps Wins Wentworth By Election

Live: Wentworth By-Election 2018 Results

BREAKING NEWS: Kerryn Phelps has won the Wentworth by-election.

It’s all but a formality right now as the numbers are completely disastrous for the Liberal-National coalition government with a massive swing against Scott Morrison’s government.

Anthony Green, the ABC election guru has called the election based on a huge swing against the Liberal Party.

Live coverage of the Wentworth By-Election.

Kerryn Phelps has become the first Independent to win the seat of Wentworth, while Liberal David Sharma has lost the seat for the Liberal Party.


7.18: Anthony Green calls the election for Kerryn Phelps. Huge 20+% swings against the Liberal Party on booths across the Wentworth electorate indicate its over for the Liberals.

7.08: Huge swing now and it looks like Phelps will be ahead of Sharma on primary votes, she won’t even need 2nd or 3rd preference flows, its suggested.

7.02: Anthony Green says he’s about ready to call it for Phelps.

6.69: A booth comes in from North Bondi. The vote gets even closer, now Phelps on 35% of primary, Sharma on 37%.

6.57pm: Darlinghurst Public School is in, this is a more progressive area in Wentworth, close to the nightlife centre of Kings Cross.

Kerryn Phelps jumps to 33% of the primary vote, Dave Sharma falls to 41%.

6.50pm: A booth in VAUCLUSE is in. A very wealthy, strong Liberal Party stronghold. Sharma gets a boost and now has 57% of the first preference votes. The swing is still holding however, with Phelps on 23% of the 1st primary vote.

There’s a swing of 23% which is more bad news for the Liberal Party.

“The first two booths are bad news for the government”, Anthony Green tells ABC 24.

6.38pm: First results in and its Sharma in the lead with 47% and Kerryn Phelps with 30%. Double Bay comes in with some votes.

This is a very pro-Liberal party area and there’s a huge swing on against the Federal Liberal Party. The Liberal Vote is down 27%, with a big swing to the Independent.

6.30pm: Counting is underway as we await updates from the AEC.

Live Video: ABC News Coverage

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