La Perouse Shark Attack : Small Great White Shark Attacks Beachgoer in Sydney

La Perouse Shark Attack – Sydney Woman Attacked by Shark

La Perouse Shark Attack: Images reveal the shark attack on a woman at a Sydney beach overnight.

The La Perouse Shark Attack victim suffered severe injuries, as an aggressive juvenile great white attacked.

The woman in her 50s was swimming at Congwong Beach in the early evening, near La Perouse.

She was swimming about 20 meters off shore, from Congwong Beachnear, La Perouse, media reports said.

Little Conwong Beach, Botany Bay

At about 7:00pm she was attacked by the great white shark.

Conwong Beach, Sydney
Conwong Beach, Sydney

Sydney beaches in some parts near the La Perouse Shark Attack remain closed – as NSW authorities search for the animal, which they say is a juvenile up to 3.2 metres in length.

Photos taken by emergency crews show deep gashes in the woman’s right leg, the news media reported

La Perouse Shark Attack
La Perouse Shark Attack

New South Wales’ Department of Primary Industries’ shark biologist Vic Peddemors told Sydney ABC News that he had examined photographs of the woman’s wound, and determined a great white shark was responsible.

The victim of the La Perouse Shark Attack was rushed to St George Hospital. She was having surgery to treat the deep wounds from the great white attack.

“[It’s a] reasonably severe bite but fortunately she’s stable and is undergoing surgery … I’d be surprised if she had any severe damage,” Peddemors said.

“Normally juvenile sharks feed on fish, but as they get larger they start including turtles and marine mammals like dolphins and seals in their diet,” Mr Peddemors said.

“Obviously there’s no mother to tell them what to eat and what not to eat so they are exploring whether … larger objects are edible.”

History of Shark Attacks in NSW

NSW and Sydney Shark Attack History Source: Shark Data

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