Breaking News: Lithgow Fire Emergency.

The town of Lithgow west of Sydney, in the Blue Mountains, is under threat tonight.

The massive Gospers Mountain fire that has been burning for weeks has now reached Lithgow.

At least one person may have perished in the fires, reports on emergency radio suggested.

A huge wall of flames has been moving toward the town and homes have been lost on the outskirts.

The town is currently cut off with road closures and trains no longer running to the town from Sydney.

An eyewitness told Sydney News: “Lithgow being hit with fires on 4 fronts. Firies exhausted. Ash falling like snow. One home gone others threatened. My grandson driving older people from their homes to the Workers club for safety. Everyone helping each other. Mountains on fire. Roads closed. Catastrophic.“

Another said the town is completely surrounded by flames.

“The mountains surrounding town are all on fire and it is going down into the multiple gullies.“

To make matters worse, a thunderstorm has been created with low pressure system cloud mixing with bushfire smoke to generate lightning strikes and more bushfires.

A huge wall of flames and smoke is barrelling toward Lithgow down the mountains.

Extraordinary images shows fire fighters despaired trying to defend the town of 13,000.

The entire town is under emergency warning with embers from fires impacting homes and buildings in the centre of town.

Fire fighters are scrambling to resource the defence of the town.

Emergency radio said the Rural Fire Service has changed strategy to defending themselves and the town entirely using water houses and whatever else they can do to beat back flames.

Soccer fields were also on fire as hot ash and embers fell on the town.

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A kangaroo try’s to escape a grass fire at Lithgow

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