Lotto win: Sydney dad wins $96 million in the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot

A Sydney dad is Australia’s second biggest ever lotto winner snagging an incredible $96,040,000 million in a draw today.

According to NSW The Lott lotto officials, the Chatswood dad is planning an “outrageous holiday” after the incredible prize win.

The professional office worker was contacted by The Lott by phone after the draw.

The Sydney dad was a registered player and hadn’t played the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot for years.

“You’re shitting me,” the unidentified man told the lott.

“I can only say holy shit…Jesus Christ!,” he explained.

He may be a multi-millionaire but the mans reaction was priceless.

“I’m shaking. I’m just waiting for someone to tell me I’m being punked.”

“It’s unlikely that I am going to finish the day out at work. I’m pretty sure I’ll quit. My endless lunch break begins now.”

“I’ve always wanted to travel so maybe I’ll work my way around the world,” he said.

The jackpot is the second biggest, eclipsed only by a win earlier this year by a Sydney Mum who hit all of the $107.5 million Powerball.

The lotto product is so unlikely to be won, the last time it went went off was in January 2017 with a prize of $7.5 million. That was 959 days ago.

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