Malcolm Turnbull Pushes for New Republic Vote

Malcolm Turnbull

Renewed push for an Australian Republic – Malcolm Turnbull pushing for a new vote

Should Australia become a Republic? The PM things so and he’s pushing for a new vote on the issue.

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has given a passionate speech, advocating for an Australian Republic, replacing Queen Elizabeth II (or a future British Monarch) as the nation’s Head of State.

Turnbull has proposed a new vote on the issue of an Australian Head of State – saying he wanted to see an national “advisory vote” on choosing a proposed model for an Australian Republic.

We need a “plebiscite to ensure the Australian people have chosen the model that has been presented,” Malcolm Turnbull said.

The PM said only after the Australian people choose a system of a Republic would there be a referendum, based on that model of constitutional change.

“Keep the faith. Advance Australia. Up the republic,” Turnbull said in a speech to Australian Republican Movement members in Sydney.

“The republic is great unfinished business for this nation,” he said – in the first remarks as Prime Minister to his old Republican movement friends.

“Sharing a profound love of country. Looking neither up nor down. Our head of State should be one of us,” he said

Turnbull was the leader of the Australian Republican Movement during the 1999 referendum for an Australian Head of State as an alternative to the current system – that was defeated 45% yes to 55% no.

An amendment to the constitution – a preamble that would have recognised Aboriginal Australians, immigrants and “our liberty” along with several other new elements– was also defeated.

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