Hollywood mega-star Matt Damon has arrived in Australia and skipped hotel quarantine.

As tens of thousands of Australians struggle to return home with a lack of flights and cancellations, the Hollywood star was able to enter Australia under a special exemption and will spend 2-weeks quarantining at a private property. 

Under normal requirements, people returning from overseas must to stay in a hotel room for 2-weeks.

Damon and his family arrived in Australia last week, ahead of filming for blockbuster Thor: Love and Thunder, by private jet. 

The Damon family will isolate in a private residence in northern New South Wales, it was reported. The move is supported and approved by the State government and NSW Police. 

“I’m so excited that my family and I will be able to call Australia home for the next few months,” Damon said.

Reports said Damon owns a property in Byron Bay region. The family will undergo quarantine and standard testing over the coming days to ensure they are Covid free.

“The family will be entirely segregated for the period of their quarantine and will participate in standardised testing and monitoring, in full compliance with the current NSW Government requirements,” said Zac Turner, CEO of Concierge Doors, helping to co-ordinate the Damon movements.

Thos: Love and Thunder stars Natalie Portman and Christian Bale. The movie will inject $180 million into The Australian economy, generate 2,500 jobs and use hundreds of local businesses.

The NSW government and Australian government are encouraging more Hollywood films to be made in Australia.

The Federal government has committed millions to brining films to Australia, while the US is still managing outbreaks. 

Under current rules around international arrivals, the number of flights returning to Australia has been reduced significantly.

There are some 30,000 Australians still waiting to return home, with 440,000 people arriving back to Aussie shores since the pandemic, according to the SMH.

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