nbnm8 is going to be a very useful tool indeed

A new platform allows Australian’s to check if the new property they are looking at on real estate listing websites is NBN ready.

nbnm8, made by Ben Jennings, allows users of RealEstate.com.au and Domain.com.au to check if the property they are interested in to buy or rent is ready for high-speed internet, as many areas of Australia are still waiting for NBN broadband rollout.

The platform is a Google Chrome browser plugin, that works when you’re looking at property on the popular real estate portals.

The nbnm8 “Checks nbn availability so you don’t have to,” the site says.

The Silicon Valley based Jennings has been promoting the platform on Reddit and other social media outlets in the past few days.

“I made a browser plugin that checks nbn availability on realestate/domain listings,” he wrote on Reddit Australia’s sub-sites this week.

The platfrom pulls data directly from NBNco’s website. To verify if a property you’re interested in has NBN takes quite a few steps, with the NBN website showing areas in a fairly vague fashion on their maps. The new platform puts that problem to rest for prospective rental property tenants or buyers.

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