Breaking: People in Penrith in Sydney’s west are being send text messages fro authorities, urging them to evacuate immediately.

People in western parts of Penrith are being told to evacuate by 4.30pm as flood waters rise.

SMS alerts went out to people in the flood zone mid-afternoon.

Here’s what the SES say:

FLOOD EVACUATION ORDER – WESTERN PARTS OF PENRITH. Evacuate by 4:30pm 21 March 2021, using the Memorial Avenue onto the Great western highway onto Victoria Bridge towards Emu Plains.

NSW SES is directing people within the Western parts of Penrith to evacuate the high danger area using the Memorial Avenue onto the Great western highway onto Victoria Bridge towards Emu Plains. Water is already entering the rear of properties along Ladbury Avenue. The evacuation is for all properties within the area bounded by the Nepean River, south of the Great Western Highway and west of Peach Tree Creek. Includes: Captains Road; Fitch Avenue; Ladbury Avenue; Memorial Avenue; Nepean Avenue; and Recreation Avenue. The evacuation is also for all properties within the area of all the properties in the immediate vicinity of Cables Wake Park. The area bounded by Nepean River, Jamison Road and Peach Tree Creek. 1. Residents should relocate personal possessions to a safe place.
2. By 4:30pm, leave the high danger area and move to safety outside the flood affected area.
Why we are directing people to evacuate.Once floodwater reaches 7.96m the Great Western
Highway Evacuation Route will be cut. If you remain in the area after 4:30pm you may be trapped without power, water and other essential services and it may be too dangerous to rescue you.

Full details and streets included in order.

SMS sent to people in the area:

Flooding records are being broken.

A spokesperson for the Bureau of Meteorology says the flooding of the Nepean Valley, heavy rainfall in Penrith and the overflow of the Warragamba dam have all contributed towards dangerous conditions in NSW.

“We are expecting river levels at Penrith to be levels near the 1961 flood,” the spokesperson said. “It is one of the biggest floods we are likely to see for a very long time.”