Qantas Sydney London Direct could be coming as soon as next year.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce told media in South Korea the airline is building to a decision on the epic Sydney London Direct Flights by year’s end.

“Hopefully by the end of the year … we will come to a conclusion one way or another,” Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said in Seoul.

“If the business case works, we will put in an order.”

Qantas looking for the best long distance aircraft technology

Qantas is looking at the route after the successful deployment of Perth London Direct in 2018.

The non stop flight means passengers can avoid a layover in Asia or the Middle East.

The route would enter service in 2022.

A350 and 777X models are being considered from both Boeing in the US and Airbus in Europe.

The route, a 22-hour journey, would be the longest commercial airline flight in the world.

Qantas is calling for final pitches from both airline makers for this year with a decision to come by Qantas board and CEO by the end of 2019.

The Qantas Sydney London Flight would be complimented with Melbourne London Direct and Sydney/Melbourne to New York Direct.

Qantas will need to investigate it’s technological options to pull of Sydney to London or Sydney to New York non-stop.

The working name for the long-haul investigation and implementation is called, ‘Project Sunrise’.

There are two new aircraft designs on the way. 

The first is the Airbus A350-900ULR, capable of flying more than 20 hours and had a range of up to 9,700 nautical miles. This aircraft has already entered service with Singapore Airlines taking charge of a fleet.

Airbus A350

The other option is a Boeing 777X long-haul aircraft.

Boeing 777

The aircraft is capable of flying 7,600 nautical miles and is starting to roll off the production line.

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