Breaking News: Regional travel in NSW is set to resume on June 1.

ABC Sydney News reports that Premier Gladys Berejiklian will announced they move tomorrow.

Earlier today the Premier said the government is “very close” to finalising plans.

Tourism operators across New South Wales have been requesting the government allow free travel across the state.

Weeks ago travel to various regions of New South Wales were restricted.

Many Sydney-siders has been chopping at the bit to get out of town, now 5 million people are free to head north, south, west and beyond.

However instead state travel is still a while away with State Premiers reluctant to allow travel across State and Territory borders.

Just in time for snow season

Ski-field operators have also detailed their plans to open for the snow season.

Perisher and Thredbo say they can guarantee skiers’ safety with social distancing and limits on numbers and activities, Nine news reported.

Breaking News on travel restrictions lifting.

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